Subsea Trencher

There is big demand for renewable energy. Therefore more and more offshore wind parks are installed. To protect an offshore electrical cable from failure due to free-spanning anchors, fishnets and dropped objects, they are often buried in the seabed.

In areas with significant morphodynamic activity (such as migrating sand waves), larger burial depths are often required. Since geo-technical and geophysical conditions of the seabed differ per region and are more uncertain in deeper ground layers, conventional jetting and ploughing with depth up to 2 -3 meters do not comply anymore.

Hollanddrain provides equipment to bury these cable up to 6 meters in the seabed. We are experienced specialists in the design, assembly and commissioning of these offshore equipment, whether it's a digging boom or a complete self-propelled machine.

Trenchsetting technology, even under 250 meters of water.